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Compare and Contrast Federal and State Prisons Free Essays

A prison is an organization set up and constrained by the administration. The prison framework in the United Stated has as its essential objective of keeping, lodging and rebuffing people who have been indicted for lawful offense violations. Up until the nineteenth century, jail frameworks were not normal. We will compose a custom article test on Look into Federal and State Prisons or on the other hand any comparative theme just for you Request Now The normal prison goes back to old occasions, however was utilized to confine people incidentally until the person in question was discovered honest, fined, or exposed to whipping. By and large, beating was frequently saved for the lower classes, since those with implies had the option to most fines imposed against them. Those wrongdoings that were not regarded capital violations were deserving of methods for open whippings, damaging, or being disgraced. Verifiably, there have been two kinds of detainment facilities or prison frameworks in the United States. The Pennsylvania and the New York prison frameworks structure the premise are prison frameworks in the United States. In spite of the fact that the two offer a portion of similar standards, they vary in numerous regards and it isn't amazing that supporters of each kind accept emphatically that their favored framework is the most alluring and best speaks to that which portrays the corrective framework. Hattery, 2007) The Pennsylvania framework was brought into American culture by the Quakers and is by a long shot the more preservationist of the two prison frameworks. The strict Quakers tried to supplant the current remorseless techniques for discipline that had been related with flogging with ordered at this point profitable work serious strategie s. Preceding the edified Quakers passage into the correctional framework, crooks were mishandled on account of both formal and casual governments. Discipline included marking, mutilation, whipping and other unforgiving disciplines. Under the Pennsylvania framework, detainees are housed in singular cells. Detainees are required to take part in unpaid arduous assistance for whatever length of time that the individual in question is housed in the administration run foundation. Working hours are plainly characterized and convicts are relied upon to agree to jail strategy. While detained, convicts are not admissible to associate with different detainees and in the event that they come into contact with others, they are not permitted to participate in discussion. Haslam, 2008) The New York framework, which was actualized at Auburn, is like the Pennsylvania framework however notably varies in that detainees are permitted to shape bonds with different detainees. Detainees were managed the chance to associate with one another while working and they were likewise permitted to eat suppers together. Under this model, socialization and conn ections were not seen as an adversary of discipline; rather, connections and socialization were viewed as that which was inescapable. Under the New York framework, detainees were doled out independent cells where they rested. For the most part, this was the main type of disconnection permitted under the New York framework. Despite the fact that there appeared to be less inflexibility than that of the Pennsylvania framework, rules were carefully implemented. (Haslam, 2008) During World War II, the United States made POW camps in line with the British partners who couldn't house huge number of hostages. During this period, various detainees of war who happened to be of German and Italian nationality were housed on American army installations and had to give jail work. The POWs were treated similarly as current detainees are dealt with. The Prisoners were required to work while being hung on the army base and were relied upon to hold fast to all jail camp strategies. Since World War II, the jail framework in the United States has developed enormously. A to some degree predictable consequence of this development has been the advancement of jail work. Detainees all through the nation work in various assembling and administration ventures. The development of jail work in the United States has gone under assault by the two Americans and human rights advocates far and wide. Numerous individuals contend that the United States is double-dealing since it impugns China’s utilization of jail work while empowering the privatization of detainment facilities at home. (Hattery, 2007) Works Cited Haslam, J. (2008). Pits, Pendulums, and Penitentiaries: Reframing the Detained Subject. Texas Studies In Literature and Language, 268-284. Hattery, E. S. (2007). On the off chance that We Build it They Will Come: Human Rights Violations and the Prison Industrial Complex 1 . Social orders Without Borders 2, 273 â€288. The most effective method to refer to Compare and Contrast Federal and State Prisons, Papers

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The value of marketing research to organizations Essay

The benefit of promoting examination to associations - Essay Example Promoting research is critical to executing the showcasing idea of an association as it mirrors the real market direction of an association through broad and normal investigations of client, contenders and ecological patterns. Statistical surveying assists firms with turning out to be more market situated, in that capacity, the firm can execute its market idea and shape its social direction in a manner that centers its endeavors to the necessities of the market (Xu, 2005 P.234). Â Market examine illuminates the association on the present purchaser needs empowering it to create future items that will tap idle needs subsequently fortifying the associations position after some time. Utilizing statistical surveying information, the association can execute esteem based separation systems that drive item advancement forms, correspondence projects and conveyance forms. For instance, McQuarrie attests that when AT&T entered the charge card business in 1990, its most significant upper ha nd was an inside and out information on its imminent clients. This empowered it to dispatch the exceptionally fruitful Universal card ( McQuarrie, 2006, P.167). Â Research has shown that the most significant factors in growing new item is understanding client inclinations and fusing them into the plan of the new item. McQuarrie in his exploration on new items states that clients are an elective wellspring of new thoughts ( McQuarrie, 2006, P.167).â Pride andâ Ferrell contend that statistical surveying gives associations a chance.

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Essay Examples For College PDF

Essay Examples For College PDFThe fact is that when it comes to essays, you really have very little control over the quality of the material that you will end up writing. There are a number of factors that can easily influence the quality of the final product, but with a few helpful tips, you can find some essay samples for college PDF that you can work with.First, make sure that you take the time to make a list of what exactly it is that you need to work with in terms of essay samples for college PDF. While many schools and courses will have required assignment examples or even sample papers to review, there may be some special cases where you need a different kind of sample. This is especially true if you are working with a teacher who is not very familiar with how to evaluate your writing, or one who has a problem with e-mail attachments or word processing programs.Let's take a look at the main reason that some students do not complete their assignments on time. When a student is not sure about what they should write, or whether it will be accepted by the instructor, the main reason that they tend to get sloppy is because they try to fit it into a predetermined format. In fact, this is something that can be highly demoralizing to any student, and there are many ways that you can help them get through the process without giving up so much as a single sentence. One of the most important strategies that you can use is to write and rewrite the assignment over again, and this can be done through the use of essay samples for college PDF.Before you begin, you should make sure that you have made sure that the essay examples for college PDF is formatted correctly, and that it can withstand the test of time that is the fate of many assignments. While you might think that you have a degree of control over the quality of a final project, the fact is that you actually have very little.First, you should spend some time thinking about the particular topic that you are goin g to tackle. For example, if you are going to be writing about a game that you like, then you can take some time to figure out what kinds of words you should use, and where in the sentence structure you should begin, and end. You should also spend some time thinking about the specific issues that are involved in the game that you are writing about, and how you can best handle those problems.It is also important that you examine the format of the essay samples for college PDF that you are using. Some of these can be printed out, while others can be simply taken to class. Either way, you should make sure that you get a wide range of things that you can use throughout the course of the project.Then, you should spend some time thinking about the style of essay samples for college PDF that you are using. In other words, you should think about how it would read if it were a technical manual. Some of these may even come with a section on the rules for the project, and this can be used to h elp guide you as you write.If you do not know anything about writing, then you should consider spending some time studying the various styles that are available to help you. You can also choose a group of essay samples for college PDF that are available, and these will help you out tremendously. For this reason, you should always try to work with a variety of different sources of essays for college PDF, and be careful to choose some that are from instructors and others that are from other students.

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An Essay on Methland - 1094 Words

Methland, Markets, and Massacres â€Å"If ever there was a chance to see the place of the small American town in the era of the global economy, the meth epidemic is it† (Reding, 16). The town of Oelwein in Nick Redding’s book Methland, through its illicit involvement in the meth epidemic, serves as a painful example to the effectiveness of this â€Å"global economy,† or in terms of the subject of this essay, the modern national-level market. The concept of a market is one that Meredith L. McGill tactfully delves into in her essay Market; the concepts from her essay will be used to analyze the specific market for meth in the book Methland. SUMMARY OF ESSAY The essay in question offers historical background and context to the current meaning of a†¦show more content†¦Jobs quickly became scarce and underpaid. This change forced those who had jobs to work long straining hours. Redding writes that â€Å"The truly singular aspect of meth’s attractiveness is that since its first wide scale abuse†¦meth has been associated with hard work.† (Redding, 16). Because of its effectiveness to sustain an individual through days of sleepless labor, demand was high. Like mentioned previously, where there is high demand and ability to supply, the dynamics of the â€Å"new† market begin to take full effect. An interesting aspect of the meth market in the book Methland, and one that ties into McGills definition of market, were the different components of the meth distribution system which networked together to make it all work. McGill notes in her essay that on unique and often beneficial attribute of the modern market is that it is not regulated. This allows for a system which seeks to achieve maximum efficiency and, if a suitable supply and demand is established, the system will, on a large scale, form a network of independent components which ultimately compose a whole body – not necessarily managed yet extremely effective. This pattern is seen in Methland. The main components of the meth market – within and without Oelwein – were the outside suppliers and distributers, local meth â€Å"cooks,† and customers – i.e. addicts. In the book these all worked together with the same magnitude of efficiency

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Ancient Greece Gods In Odyssey - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 791 Downloads: 5 Date added: 2019/04/01 Category Literature Essay Level High school Topics: Odyssey Essay Did you like this example? â€Å"Is it better to be feared or loved?† The Italian historian Niccolà ² Machiavelli believes that while both are important for a leader, fear is more likely to lead to a successful rule. The gods of Ancient Greece emphasize the importance of religion and tell stories of severe consequences if they are not pleased. Books 10, 13, and 17 of the Odyssey, by Homer, demonstrate how the ancient Greeks’ respect for the gods stems mostly from fear of the consequences, explaining multiple characters’ decisions to protect themselves by respecting the gods to avoid consequences. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Ancient Greece Gods In Odyssey" essay for you Create order The reference of the punishment which results from helping the enemy of a god in book 10 shows the Greeks fear of the gods. In Book 10, Odysseus seeks help from the wind god Aeolus, in order to return home after the long war. Aeolus follows the expectations of hospitality, welcomes guests and provides a way for all the crew to go home, as Aeolus â€Å"set the west wind free to blow us on our way†¦ home† (The Odyssey 10.29-30). Disrespecting xenia can result in punishments as Zeus, the king of the gods, is the god of hospitality. When Odysseus makes a mistake and ends up back on Aeolus’s island, Aeolus angrily yells: â€Å"Away from my island- fast- most cursed man alive! It’s a crime to host a man or speed him on his way when the blessed deathless gods despise him so. Crawling back like this- it proves the immortals hate you! Out- get out!† (The Odyssey 10.79-83). By returning to the island, Odysseus unintentionally portrays himself as a curse from the gods, which is why Aeolus is displeased to see him again. If Odysseus is a god’s enemy, then he is everyone’s enemy, no matter how famous he was before. He no longer deserves any respect or help of any kind from anyone. Another example of the punishment resulting from helping the enemy of a god is in Book 13, where the Phaeacians sail Odysseus back to Ithaca, and resulted in being cursed themselves. Even though they supplied Odysseus as they would any guest, they had not had understood that their patron god, Poseidon, was fully against Odysseus reaching his home. Earlier in the story, Odysseus had stabbed Polyphemus, the Cyclops and the son of Poseidon, which had resulted in Poseidon vowing that Odysseus would not return to his home. Poseidon â€Å"with one flat stroke of his hand struck [the ship] to stone, rooted her to the ocean floor and made open for sea† (The Odyssey 1 3.185-187). Gods are meant to be viewed as efficient leaders, role models and friendly companions to the people, however, Poseidons actions show that gods are more like humans, holding grudges and fostering feelings of hatred. Even though he does care of the Phaeacians, stoning them emphasized that they made a critical mistake and should learn how to differentiate his friends from his foes. The consequences of their actions show that although Greeks must display hospitality to all visitors,, they cannot do so to those who have angered the gods. Disrespect to others shows disrespect towards the gods. Book 17 shows Antinous throwing a stool towards Odysseus, disguised as a beggar, which is not acceptable behavior towards guests. Antinous, the ill-mannered of the suitors: â€Å"gave him a scathing look and let fly, ‘Now you won’t get out of the hall unscarred, I swear, not after such a filthy string of insults!’ With that he seized the stool and hurled it- Square in the back it struck Odysseus, just under the right shoulder† (The Odyssey 17.507-511). Injuring others, especially guests, is against the rule of hospitality as gods may be guests in disguise. Antinous portrays his distrust of the gods by not following this rule and shows arrogance as he believes that a beggar is not up to his standards. In addition, even the other suitors fear the consequences Antinous’ behavior as his â€Å"fate is sealed if he’s some god from the view† (The Odyssey 17. 534). This advice shows the common reaction in ancient Greece. Instead of being angered by Antinous’ rudeness, they are scared that the gods will curse them. In ancient Greek society, they did not consider actions morally and personally, instead aiming to merely please the gods. People of Ancient Greece feared and respected the gods. They tried to be on their best behavior at all times in order to please the gods and avoid any trouble. They feared the consequences of helping enemies of the gods or disrespecting the guests or hosts of a house. Even today, people pretend to be generous only to benefit themselves or make themselves look more superior than they actually are. Fear of punishment encourages people to follow strictly under the rule of upper beings.

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William Shakespeare s The Glass Menagerie - 878 Words

In the past, I have seen two Shakespeare live performances so I decided I wanted to switch it up to another playwright. I chose Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie. The performance was outstanding. During the previous Shakespeare performances I’ve seen, I slept through the play including intermission. Yet, during Williams, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time with 100% of my attention drawn straight to the performance. The setting of the play brought on an almost â€Å"at home† type of feel. Just looking at the stage made me feel like I was at my grandmother s house. The Glass Menagerie is about a small family in St. Louis. There’s a portrait of the deceased father/husband on the wall, who they often refer to throughout the play. The daughter, Laura Wingfield, has a limp and is also single compared to her mother, Amanda Wingfield who at that age has gentlemen callers lined up for her. The son, Tom Wingfield, works at a factory with the old high school athlete, Jim O’Connor. Amanda wants Laura to marry someone but Laura often refers to herself as cripple because of a small limp she has. Amanda then asks Tom to invite over one of his friends from work so he and Laura can get to know each other. Prior to the visit, Laura realizes that the man who is coming over for dinner was once her high school crush who gave her the nickname Blue Roses after misinterpreting the word Pleurosis. During the visit, Laura and Mr. O’Connor gets some alone time and eventually kiss, onlyShow MoreRelatedEssay Tennessee Williams Life and The Glass Menagerie1643 Words   |  7 Pages Tennessee Williamsamp;#8217; Life and The Glass Menagerie The Glass Menagerie first opened on March 31, 1945. It was the first big success of Tennessee Williamsamp;#8217; career. It is in many ways about the life of Tennessee Williams himself, as well as a play of fiction that he wrote. He says in the beginning, amp;#8220;I give you truth in the pleasant disguise of illusion; (1147). The characters Tom, Laura, and Amanda are very much like Williams, his sister Rose, and his mother Edwina. WeRead MoreEssay on A Raisin in the Sun vs. The Glass Menagerie745 Words   |  3 PagesRaisin in the Sun vs. The Glass Menagerie   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  America is known around the world as the land of opportunity, a place where you can follow your dreams. No matter how selfish or farfetched ones dream may be, their goal will always be available. Whether it be the pursuit of the woman of your dreams, like that of Jay Gatsby, or the hunt for something pure and real, like Holden Caulfield. A Raisin in the Sun, by Lorraine Hansberry, and The Glass Menagerie, by Tennessee Williams, exhibit the various typesRead MoreAnalysis Of Tennessee Williams The Glass Menagerie 1805 Words   |  8 PagesMurphy Glenn Elizabeth Cochrane English 102 10/24/2017 Symbolism in The Glass Menagerie Tom Wingfield is the narrator and dominant character in Tennessee Williams’ timeless play, The Glass Menagerie. Through the eyes of Tom, the viewer gets a glimpse into the life of his family as well as into the depressed era that they live in. His mother is a southern belle who desperately tries to hold onto her past and her position within a society bygone; his sister who is tentative and cripplingly shy lacksRead MoreTennessee Williams – The Glass Menagerie – Jim as a Representative of the American Dream and the Ideology of Optimism and Progressivism2306 Words   |  10 PagesTennessee Williams – The Glass Menagerie Jim as a Representative of the American Dream and the Ideology of Optimism and Progressivism â€Å"He is the most realistic character in the play, being an emissary from a world of reality that we were somehow set apart from. . . . he is the long-delayed but always expected something that we live for.† (Williams 5) – Jims first introduction by Tom as a narrator is a crucial one, as it points to the ambiguity of Jims character. For theRead MoreBusiness and Management2600 Words   |  11 Pagesat the beginning of each class. Policies may be slightly different depending on the modality in which you attend class. If you have recently changed modalities, read the policies governing your current class modality. Course Materials Barnet, S., Cain, W.E., Burto, W. (2011). Literature for composition: Essays, stories, poems, and plays (9th ed.). New York, NY: Longman. All electronic materials are available on the student website. |Week One: Elements of Literature—Stories Read Moreevery day use3221 Words   |  13 Pagesï » ¿ Your name Course and section number Date Paper draft (for example, Paper #1 Draft A or In-class Essay #2) On subsequent pages, in the upper right corner write: The paper s title Your name Page number Character analysis of the story â€Å"Everyday Use† by Alice Walker 1) Pay attention to the character’s ethics. Does the character make just or unjust choices? Consider Atticus Finch in Harper Lee’s ToRead Morewisdom,humor and faith19596 Words   |  79 PagesTable of Contents (with links) Walter G. Moss 1 Table of Contents (with links) 1 Wisdom, Perspective, and Values 2 Humor’s Contribution to Wisdom 4 Humor and Wisdom in Europe: Some Highlights 5 Renaissance Humor: Erasmus, Rabelais, Cervantes, Shakespeare 5 Two European Russians: Anton Chekhov and Vladimir Soloviev 9 Reflections on Humor from Nietzsche to the Theatre of the Absurd 12 Humor and Wisdom in the United States: Lincoln, Beecher, Twain, Sandburg, and Buchwald 17 From The Times (of London)

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Blanchard Case Analysis free essay sample

Correct the EOQ and ROP quantities for each of the five items mentioned in the case. How do the corrected figures compare with the quantities calculated in 1969 and with production volumes scheduled for the June 1972 bottling run? The corrected numbers are much smaller than the scheduled amounts. If Blanchard did produce what they had originally planned, they would have a lot of unused inventory. What are the disadvantages of the formal EOQ/ROP system and the actual system used for scheduling bottling runs at Blanchard? Which system do you prefer? What improvements can be made? A disadvantage for the formal EOQ/ROP system is that the cost of a stock out may not be fully realized until an item is actually stocked out and they are unable to fill orders. Some safety stock should be held to prevent this from happening. To go along with this, there is also unused storage space, which lowers the actual cost of holding inventory. We will write a custom essay sample on Blanchard Case Analysis or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page There are also several disadvantages for the actual system Blanchard uses. While they may have plenty of safety stock, their surplus of inventory is unnecessary. They base their forecast off of the bottler’s guesses, rather than historical data. This can cause major problems (such as high holding costs), and will reduce the efficiency of the business. I prefer the EOQ/ROP system because it is based off an actual calculations, rather than intuition. It seems like it should have a more accurate forecast, and that would be better for businesses. I like to have facts and numbers in front of me, so I can see where the numbers are coming from. I am also more of a conservative person, so I understand how sometimes â€Å"less is more†. To improve Blanchard’s forecasting method, Hank can use historical data, experience employees, and multiple forecasting techniques to come up with the most accurate data. This way they will ensure that they have some safety stock on hand, but not too much. What should Hank Hatch recommend to his boss, Toby Tyler? Hank should recommend to his boss, Toby Tyler, that they should use the information available to them to forecast the data in the most efficient way. By using a cost efficient system, Toby Tyler can combine historical data and recommendations from his experienced workers to come up with an accurate forecast. I also think that Toby should update his historical demand forecasts on a monthly basis to ensure he is using the most recent and relevant data available. If he does this, he can create relevant forecast data that will assist in reducing costs and growing the business to its maximum potential.